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Diamond Promise Rings For Couples A Practical Guide to the right ring

A symbol of an unbreakable bond, a promise of love encased in a present that will never fade. What do you know about it? Here's everything you must know to make an informed purchase.

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Before you begin to consider the various aspects of your wedding, it is essential to take into consideration one thing. Partners will have to settle down and start searching for the perfect diamond engagement rings for their best half, to astonish her like never before. But how do you go about in selecting the right diamond engagement ring? Well, there are some features you must be aware of in order to comprehend some not insignificant technical details, to make a well-informed choice about the quality of the diamond as well as the setting. We will go over all of this, also explaining what the significance is of the various types of diamond engagement ring.

Diamond engagement ring: main features

If you're looking to buy an engagement ring made of diamonds, but aren't sure of what to look for in order to determine its value you must know the cut, color and clarity of the diamond. These aspects are also referred to as the "4 Cs", which are Cut and Color Clarity and Carat. They determine the financial value of different stones. You should also pay attention to the other elements of the diamond engagement ring. These include the setting and the bezel. The first, in reality, can be in silver, white gold pink, yellow, bicolor or platinum.

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The bezel around which the gem is set can have various designs based on the shape of the diamond of choice (round, square, oval or heart). It can also ...), be claw-shaped (with points) or have a smooth metal edge that embraces it. The carat is a unit of measurement used to measure the diamond's size and weight. Carats are equal to 0.20 grams and below that, we employ "hundredths", or "points". In proportion, the bigger the diamond's weight, the larger its size, and consequently its diameter. What does an engagement ring made of diamonds cost? Obviously the prices vary depending on the characteristics mentioned above So be cautious!

We will assist you in selecting the perfect hand shape for your engagement ring!

Diamond engagement ring models

It's not easy to find your way around the different diamond engagement ring designs. They all have different characteristics and meanings that are always connected to love. Below is a brief description of each one.


Diamond solitaire engagement rings are a promise of eternal love They are made from only one stone, which is the diamond, symbolizing one love and the vow that the two potential spouses make to remain together forever. The most popular solitaire is made of white gold with a diamond set in the center as in this gold and diamond solitaire proposed by Bluespirit.


As you would expect from its name The Trilogy is a ring that is usually made of gold, and has three diamonds set within it. Its meaning is intrinsically linked to love and the notion of the eternal bond. The three stones symbolize the past (I have loved you) and the present (I love you), and the future (I'll love you forever). The proposal in white gold by Bliss is beautiful and elegant.


A promise of love for life. It is the veretta, also known as fedina or riviera an ring in which a series of diamonds of various sizes are set. Based on the quantity of diamonds, the design of the veretta will also change, and it could be five seven, nine or up to total coverage of the ring. The ring is also called Eternity or Riviera similar to the design suggested by Salvini.

If you're looking for the meaning of the ring with five diamonds means and what it means, here's the answer. The meaning of the diamond ring is closely related to its circular shape, which symbolizes infinite time and, consequently the eternality of a relationship you wish to last a lifetime. The same is true for the 7 diamond riviera rings meaning, a symbolizing an unbreakable bond.


The contrarie is instead characterized by the intersection of two stones in the upper section similar to form an embrace. The two ends can be joined or separated but still forming a unique jewel. If you're searching for the meaning of the ring of contrarie it also symbolizes the concept of indissolubility. The two stones in fact symbolize the two partners who come together and remain.

Maintenance tips

It doesn't matter if the diamond ring is small or large, but care and maintenance are crucial. The first thing you should do is to avoid wearing the dazzling engagement ring while using aggressive detergents, soaps, or cosmetics. The best way to preserve the ring is to wash it in hot water, with a gentle soap, and gently brushing it with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

It is essential to seek advice from experts for any extraordinary maintenance every two years. They will apply diamonds with rhodium, and then clean them and check the setting.

Before you make that big purchase Here's what you need to be aware of. Now you know the meaning of each ring, and you can choose one that represents your partner, their personality and their style. Find the right size with the Ring sizer! Make sure you plan the details of your proposal. Are you looking for advice? Here are some unique ideas to present the beautiful ring.

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